What is American Wagyu Beef?

So, maybe you just read one of our older blogs “What is Wagyu Beef” and you think you finally understand what it is. Then all of sudden, we are introducing American Wagyu. Just as we explained,  the word wagyu in literal terms means Japanese (wa) cow (gyu). The word wagyu can be used in reference to any breed of Japanese beef cattle. When you add in any other geographic word in front of it, it basically references where the cattle were raised. American means the cattle were raised in America and if it says Australian it means the cattle were raised in Australia. Another important fact to note is that if you are purchasing wagyu, if it does not say 100% Japanese Wagyu you have to assume the beef is a crossbreed between some percentage of Japanese wagyu and another breed. Most popular in the US is a Wagyu and Angus cross. 

Our FATTYCOW American Wagyu steaks come from Masami Ranch, located in Northern California. This ranch is very special in the fact that Japanese wagyu ranchers from Japan are breeding and raising the cattle here in the US. They take great care on their 6,500 acre ranch where cattle are allowed to roam freely,  to hand feed their cattle with no antibiotics, growth hormones or animal by-products. The steaks you will get are called an F1 Cross between Wagyu and Black Angus. This means 50% Wagyu and 50% Black Angus. This allows you to get the best of both worlds.  This means the perfect balance of flavor and texture, with the marbling consistency weaved throughout for a sweet and rich tasting experience. 

Our goal at FATTYCOW is to provide premium quality wagyu beef to the public. We are so excited to add this amazing product to our offerings and will continue to add as we find products are worth sharing! 

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