Astrea Grand Selection Schrenckii


Schrenckii is our most unique and epicurean selection. It offers smooth texture, complex layer of nutty buttery and earthy flavors with a long finish. This chef grade delicacy is perfect for testing menus, fine dining experiences, as well as connoisseurs seeking unmatched culinary pleasure. 

What's so unique about our schrenckii?

Our Schrenckii caviar --also called Amur Sturgeon caviar--is harvested from pure bred Acipenser Schrenckii sturgeons from Heilongjiang, a north eastern province that borders Russia. Sturgeons are 12 to 16 years in age and their eggs are medium to large in size, light brown or grey to golden in color, with a bright golden shimmer. On the palate, it offers delicate and elegant flavors, al dente texture, and a long, lingering finish. Aged 2 to 4 months.

Orders will ship out the day after you place your order via UPS standard overnight delivery. Orders are shipped out Monday - Thursday for weekday delivery. If you place your order after 12PM on Thursday, your order will ship out the following Monday. Caviar orders are shipped separately from the wagyu steaks.

Mother-of-Pearl Spoon and Caviar Key Opener are sold separately.

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